Open with care from April 1st

Skansen's entrances opened again for guests on April 1st. Here we have collected the most common questions about opening hours, annual passes and how we work to keep Skansen open in a safe way.


After April 11, a pre-sale ticket is not required to visit Skansen. You buy your tickets as usual via or in our entrances.

We may need to close the entrances if we reach 5000 guests.


Skansen opens the beautiful park and outdoor environments for guests to visit from 1 April. Our experience from being open during large parts of the pandemic means that we can open outdoors in a safe way.

Skansen follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's and the government's recommendations and restrictions for Covid-19. At you can find the latest information.

Is it safe to visit Skansen?
Yes. Skansen's experience from having been open during large parts of the pandemic means that we can open outdoors in a safe way. We have extra safety measures like:

• Continued closed indoor environments • Active security hosting throughout Skansen • Information in the park concerning what is required of the guest and what Skansen does: - Via loudspeakers - Via signs and other markings • Extended possibilites for washing and disinfecting hands • On way paths in certain places in order to reduce the risk of spreading infection • Extra cleaning of the toilets • Payment via swish and card to avoid handling cash

Do I have to pre-book my ticket?
After April 11 you don't have to pre-book your ticket.

Can I use my annual card?

My annual card has been paused, what do I do now?
The annual cards are automatically extended with the number of days you have lost. The number of days depends on the original card's original validity period.

Will Skansen have a maximum ceiling for the number of visitors?
According to current guidelines and restrictions 5000 people can be at Skansen at the same time. By a good margin, this means that there is plenty of space to move safely in the park.

What will be open at Skansen?
• Park and Zoo outdoors
• Museum and outdoor program activities
• The Skansen shop, Pottery, Glassworks, the old bakery
• Restaurants / Café - Gubbhyllan, Petissan, Krogen Stora Gungan, Flickorna Helin, Våffelbruket, Balderslunden, Gamla Krogen, Koloni

What is closed at Skansen?
• Indoor zoo, Lill-Skansen and Baltic Sea Science Center
• Museum and program activities indoors
• Skansen Aquarium
• Galejan, Skansen train, the cars at Bollnäs square • Restaurants and cafes: Terrassen.