Responsibly open

Skansen is open every day. We have collected the most common questions about opening hours, annual cards and how we work to keep Skansen open in a safe way.


Skansen follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's and the government's recommendations and restrictions for Covid-19. At you can find the latest information.

How can I buy tickets to Skansen?
Tickets can be purchased in Skansen's entrances or via

Do I have to pre-book my ticket?
No. Exceptions may, however, apply during well-attended holidays such as Midsummer. A separate ticket is required for Allsång at Skansen and other concerts. See specific information for these events.

Can I use my annual pass?
Yes, your annual pass works as usual.

Is it safe to visit Skansen?
Yes. Our main priority is that all guests are to feel safe during their visit. We continue to take responsibility and have continued extra safety measures like:

  • Information on how to prevent the spread via: signs and speakers
  • Extended possibilities for washing and disinfecting hands
  • Payment via Swish and card to avoid handling cash
  • Extra toilet cleaning
  • Extra personel in places where there is a risk of crowding

Does Skansen have a maximum ceiling for the number of visitors?According to current guidelines and restrictions Skansen no longer has an upper limit for the number of visitors. In our large park there is plenty of space to move around safely. We continue to take responsibility and adapt the business where needed.

Is it difficult to get into Skansen?

What is open at Skansen?
From 15 July, everything at Skansen is open as usual.

For full opening hours see the calendar.