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Bredablick is a 30 metre high tower, built of brick, in the north-eastern area of Skansen. The hill on which it is built rises 45 metres above sea level.

The tower, now known as Bredablick, was built on the present site in 1874–76 by F.A. Wästfelt. He was a regimental surgeon and was later personal physician to King Oscar II. Wästfelt had visited Italy and had there been inspired to build a belvedere or tower from which to enjoy the view. He also had plans for a sanatorium on the site at which Stockholmers could take the waters and breathe the clear forest air.

The belvedere was long considered a sight well worth seeing but financially the business was not a success. In 1893 the tower was renamed Bredablick (the home of the god Balder according to Norse mythology). It now functions as an office building.


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