Christmas market

The first Christmas market at Skansen was organized as early as 1903 and has since been an unbroken tradition. Even today, you can feel the atmosphere from the early years and for many, Skansen’s Christmas market is the official start of Christmas.

Christmas at Skansen is a whole month of events and celebrations - from the opening up of the first Christmas market until the fireworks at New Year´s Eve.

The celebrations usually begin the last weekend in November or the first in December. Then, the traditional Christmas market opens with its market square filled with food, treats and decorations. The bonfires are lit and the Christmas dinner tables are set. All the historical houses and farmsteads are decorated and in the Town Quarter you can meet skilled craftsmen. There will be craft demonstrations and live music in the buildings where the tables also are set for Christmas dinner. Young and old can participate in the dancing games around the Christmas tree at the Bollnäs Square and make their own Christmas decorations in the Christmas workshop.

On the market is crowded with stalls selling traditional sausages, cheeses, handicrafts, spices and essences, Christmas decorations, embroidery, leather goods, Skansen's own handmade mustard, glass, bread and cakes, hand-knitted mittens, sugared almonds, tallows, honey, marzipan, crisp bread, smoked turkey, jams and marmalades, candy, children's books and masses of other irresistible items! 

In the Skansen museum shop you can also find traditional Swedish handicraft and world class design for sale.