Foto: Marie Andersson
Höstmarknad anno 1900

Autumn fair

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Traditional Autumn Fair by the Skåne Farmstead.

The Autumn Fair is held at Skansen on the last weekend in September each year. Tradition claims that Michaelmas fairs used to be held all over Sweden. People traded craft wares‚ household necessities and farm animals. At Skansen the Autumn Fair is an annual fixture at which you will meet tavern waitresses‚ stable-lads‚ farmers and smallholders bringing this year’s produce to market. The fair is organized by Skansen’s Village Institute and it provides a taste of life at a country fair in the old days.


Among the items on sale are textiles‚ woodcrafts‚ household utensils‚ dyes‚ handmade ropes‚ toys‚ vegetables‚ candy‚ goat’s cheese‚ bread and buns‚ jams and cordials.


For hungry adults there is traditional pea soup washed down with warm schnapps. Swedish potato dumplings suit the whole family and there are fresh fish from the archipelago. You can enjoy traditional music performed on the harmonica‚ watch the dancing at the crossroads or learn about ancient pastimes‚ some of them pretty vigorous like tug of war and wrestling. Try keeping your balance on the “greasy pole” and get rid of those aggressions by breaking some china.

Skansen’s Autumn Fair on the summer meadow by the Skåne Farmstead.

Skåne Farmstead