Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a ticket in advance? Is it ok to bring our own lunch? Here, you'll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Skansen.

Can I buy a ticket online before my visit to Skansen?

Yes, we recommend that you purchase your ticket at

Are there washrooms and baby changing tables in the park?

There are changing tables in all washrooms. You'll find washrooms at the main entrance, the Hazelius entrance, at the Lodge (Vaktstugan), behind the Högloftet, at the Forestry Center (Skogens Hus) and by the Galejan fairground. Accessible washrooms are located at the main entrance, the Hazelius entrance, at the Forestry Center and behind the Högloftet. Naturally, there are washrooms and baby changing tables at Lill-Skansen, too. Also, at Lill-Skansen there are small toilets for our youngest guests.

Is it ok to have a picnic at Skansen?

Yes, you can have a picnic, but not around our historical houses or at the church yard. There´s dedicated picnic sites on Offerholmen, the small island in one of the ponds, at the Torslunden, the Tingsvallen and Orsakullen. If the weather doesn't allow an outdoor picnic you can have your meal at the Palviljong Matsäcken by the Skansen Terrace restaurant.

Can we have a barbeque at Skansen?

No, due to the risk of fire it's never allowed to bring your own barbecue, or light your own fire. However there are fires lit for barbecueing hot dogs during holidays in the low season and at the Balderslunden food court there´s a grill.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, gift certificates are sold at the Skansenshop next to the main entrance.

Can we rent a stroller?

Yes, you can rent buggies at our entrances.

Can I bring my dog?

The only dogs allowed are assistance dogs. Dogs assisting disabled guests should be properly vaccinated and wearing a vest.

Are there guides or guided tours?

In all open houses and farmsteads, our staff will tell you all about the house and the time it is from.

Does the Skansen Aquarium charge an extra entrance fee?

Yes, the Skansen Aquarium is a separate company that rents its premises from Skansen. However, you can buy a combo ticket at our entrances.

Is there a cash machine at Skansen?

There is one right outside the main entrance at Skansen and summer time it's also one right above the escalator. It is possible to pay by credit card in all shops and restaurants.

Are there storage boxes?

Yes, there are storage boxes at the main entrance and at the Galejan fairground.

Storage at the main entrance: Big box 90x60x37, SEK 30 (10-crown-coins only). Small box 60x60x27, SEK 20 (10-crown-coins only)

Galejan: Small box for storage of purses etc, SEK 10 (10-crown-coins only)

Can I get a student discount?

Yes, you'll get at 20-crown-discount upon presenting your valid student ID.

Can I rent a wheel chair?

Yes, there are free wheel chairs at all our entrances. Please note that the best way to enter Skansen in a wheel chair is by using the Hazelius entrance where our disabled guests can use the furnicular railway for free accompanied by an assistant.

Are there parking lots?

No, there are no parking spaces around Skansen. The closest parking lots are located by the Vasa Museum and on Strandvägen. However, we recommend you to go to Skansen by public transportation.

Can I buy cigarettes, newspapers and tram tickets at Skansen?

Necesseties such as tram tickets, newspapers etc are sold in the kiosks outside the main entrance.

Lost and found

Lost belongings are collected at the main entrance. If you are missing something, please email to or call +468-442 82 09 between 1-2 pm daily

How do I get to Skansen?

Coming here by car is not a very good idea. We recommend you go by tram or bus or take a nice walk along Strandvägen. For information on public transportation click here >>

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