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Spring at Skansen

Now is the time for spring cleaning, taking care of the garden and welcoming new arrivals in the zoo.


These activities you can take part of at lots of places at Skansen, not just one. Please read the programme to see everything it has to offer.

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Spring is in the air!

The spring is here and it is a busy time for everyone. Visit our houses and farmsteads to learn more about old time spring cleaning and see our gardeners prepare the gardens for the summer. Learn how to pile wood, do laundry (without a washing machine), carve boats out of bark and create your own garden decorations. Hear the zoo keepers talk about the new cubs that are born during the spring. Below you can read about some of the activities that will take place during this event.

April 27–28, 10–16

This weekend marks the first of the spring time events at Skansen. Visit the Skåne farmstead, the Iron monger's house or the farm labourer's cottage to see the inhabitants carry out their yearly spring cleaning. Learn how to make your own garden decorations and to do laundry in the old-fashion way, among other fun activities. Skansen's Byalag will teach you how to make the perfect woodpile and the band Kvartersorkestern Klarskinn will play spring time songs in the Bollnäs square.

The spring premiere May 1-5, 10-17

We celebrate the return of the sun and spring by inviting our guests to a Skansen where history comes to life! During the spring premiere many of our houses and farmsteads will be open and there will be activities for both young and old all around Skansen. You can also see many of our staff in Swedish folk costumes from different parts of the country. Visit the spring market on the Bollnäs square where you can buy Swedish artisan food, candy, Easter decorations, handicrafts and much more. Learn how to make garden decorations, do laundry in the old-fashion way and listen to our skilled staff talk about beekeeping, handicrafts and traditional spring time chores.

May 11–12, 10–17

This weekend we invite you into the Skåne farmstead, the Iron monger's house and the farm labourer's cottage where you can experience a good old-fashion spring clean. The gardens by the allotment huts are being prepared for the summer and you can make your own garden decorations on the Bollnäs square. Meet our skilled carpenters and craftsmen and women and learn more about how the traditional Falu red paint is made and how to renovate old windows. Beekeeper Olle will introduce you to the fascinating world of the bees and the band Kvartersorkestern Klarskinn will play spring time songs on the Bollnäs square.

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