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Soldier’s Cottage

The Soldier’s Cottage, named Säldefall, was allotted to soldier No. 91 in the Vedbo company of the Kalmar regiment.

It is a single-family cottage built of logs and roofed with turf, built about 1800 and painted in the traditional red.  It is typical of the numerous soldier’s cottages to be found in Sweden during the first half of the 19th century. 

The cottage consists of an entrance hall, living room and kitchen. In the corner of the living room there is a wood-burning stove which also fires an oven accessed from the kitchen.

The kitchen had no ceiling or roof insulation and was only used for preparing meals in the summer. In winter, only baking, brewing and washing took place there. The soldier’s large military trunk containing his uniform and other equipment is found in the kitchen.
The cottage is simply furnished with two beds and a so-called table-chair that could be used either as a table or a chair. The soldier’s rifle hangs above one of the windows. The small basket hanging from the ceiling served as a cradle.
There was also a barn with room for two cows and a calf.

The last soldier to occupy Säldefall was Johan Gräns. He emigrated to America during the famine of 1868.

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