Skansen closes

Dear guest,

Skansen closes its entrances for the first time in 129 years. We have decided to close the entrances next Friday, November 27th. This means that Christmas at Skansen is also canceled.

Skansen is sorry that we have had to make the decision to close. It has been a difficult decision, but based on the current guidelines at the same time a necessary one.

Due to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's press conference and clear message earlier this week, Skansen believes that we have no other option but to close. This is to take responsibility in accordance with the new guidelines where all persons are encouraged to take responsibility and not meet more than eight people, within the family.

It is also very difficult for Skansen to financially motivate, and manage to stay open, when we can’t welcome a normal number of guests. Entrance fees are by far our largest source of income and the reason we are able to care for our houses and animals.

Skansen is looking forward to when it will be possible to reopen, hopefully sometime in the spring. We are looking forward to being able to warmly welcome our guests back then!

John Brattmyhr

CEO Skansen

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