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Saemien sïjte - the Sami site

The Sami is one indigenous people and are the only ones living in Europe. 370 milion people in 90 countries around the world are indigenous and make out 5% of the global population.

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An indigenous people has lived in the same area through history, before colonization and the defining of countries. They have their own culture, own language and own customs that are quite different from the surrounding society.

Indigenous peoples enjoy international legal protection throug for example international conventions the UN and Euopean Council have adopted, and Sweden has accedes to. Indigenous people own the right to preserve their culturen and languages, but people also have political rights. The Swedish constitution now recognizes the Sami both as an indigenous people and a people.

Sápmi is the original living area of the Sami people, stretching from the Norwegian coast to the Kola Peninsula and in four countries - Russia, Finland, Norway and to the swedish region Dalarna in the south. Sápmi is a term that includes both the country Sápmi and the Sami people.

The Saemien sïjte originates from Jämtland in Sweden, with an exception for the Njallan, the hut in the reindeer enclosure. It´s from Norrbotten. In the surrounding area plants from the north grows and you can also visit the reindeer enclouser with reindeers.

For more information go to the Sami website

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