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Post Office

​The Post Office (Posthuset) is furnished in the style of the 1910s and has a middle-class feeling.

The post office consists of a lobby and the actual office. Behind these are the family quarters. 

The kitchen is dominated by the large cooking stove. The dining-room is furnished  with factory-made oak furniture of a type popular in the district. Virserum was the centre of a flourishing furniture industry which started about 1880. 

The iron cooking stove, the factory-made furniture, the printed wallpaper, the linoleum on the dining-room floor, the paraffin lamp and the photographs show that industrialism and the new technological advances had begun to make their mark in the home. It had now also become customary to have quantities of potted plants that occupy the flower-stands and the window sills.


Picture postcards

Picture postcards appeared in Sweden in the same year that Skansen was founded (1891). The heyday of the picture postcard was the early 20th century. Postcards for correspondence that could be sent without an envelope had been in circulation in Sweden since 1871. But the illustrated card or picture postcard was a novelty.
Picture postcards came at a time of romantic nationalism and increased tourism. Photography and printing had developed and mass-produced picture postcards were soon available to all.
The most popular motif was folk costume and vast numbers of picture postcards showing appropriately dressed girls from Skansen spread across the country. The nationalist spirit was supported by the government who wanted to discourage emigration to America.

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