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King Oscar’s Terrace

King Oscar´s Terrace (Oscarsterrassen) was named after King Oscar II. For the Stockholm Exhibition of 1897 Hazelius wanted to give a monumental appearance to the rocky area that faces onto Lejonslätten.

This resulted in King Oscar’s Terrace with its stone steps, towers and paths.

After Hazelius’s death in 1901 the entrance was reconstructed as a memorial to the founder and was later named the Hazelius Entrance. There is a bust of the founder here surrounded by patriotic maxims.

On the hill that separates King Oscar’s Terrace from the Hazelius Entrance we find the Swedish coat of arms carved in sandstone by the great Swedish sculptor To­bias Sergel. Originally it crowned the old opera house on Gustaf Adolfs torg in Stockholm built in 1782.