• Pony riding for children

    Pony riding for children by the Bredablick tower

  • Talk about the harbour seal

    Feeding the grey seals at the upper seal enclosure

  • Talk about animals at the Children's Zoo

    Welcome to the Children's zoo

  • Saemien Sijte

    Vi berättar om samisk kultur och identitet.

  • Kyrkhult Farmhouse

    Kyrkhult farmhouse reopened

  • Singing games with Skansen's ring dancing children

    Singing and dancing games with and for children

  • Bollnäs House

    A richly decorated venue for celebrations

  • Farm Labourer’s Cottage

    The last family lived in the Farm labourer's cottage for 50 years.

Daily at Skansen
  • Skansen Museum Shop

    The Skansen shop, weekdays 11-16, weekends 11-17

  • Skansen Aquarium

    Skansen-Aquarium, weekdays 10-15, weekends 10-16

  • Children's zoo

    The Children' Zoo, weekdays 10-15, weekends 10-16

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