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Old Shop

The Old Shop (Kryddboden) on the left as you enter displays a black brush, originally a gun brush, which was the traditional sign of grocers. At closing time the brush was taken down and the shutters and doors were closed.

The shop is fitted out like a small grocery shop in the city about the year 1840. The shop sold spices, flour, grain, salt, sweets, tobacco, paint, brushes and much else. The goods were kept in drawers or on shelves. Sugar-loaves hung from the ceiling, together with carding brushes and sponges. On the counter were snuff barrels while the floor was occupied by barrels of beer and spirits, as well as bins of hops, dried peas and beans and fine sand for spittoons. Fresh foods such as meat, butter, cheese and bread were not sold by grocers but were purchased at the market or from the baker.

Behind the shop is the office in which the shopkeeper kept his accounts and received salesmen. Here too, surrounded by barrels of salted herrings and Falun red paint, the shop assistant slept at night.

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