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Tinsmith’s Workshop

The Tinsmith’s workshop was built at Skansen to illustrate a smallish tinsmithy from about 1900.

For buildings the smiths originally used black sheet metal which was then painted; the roof of the workshop is a good example. However, zinc-galvanized sheet-metal has long since replaced black metal for roofs, gutters and drainpipes. Such items can sometimes be seen being manufactured here.

At Skansen the smiths more often work in copper, producing decorative work for a church spire or some other public building that can scarcely be seen from
the ground. Smiths also made household articles such as cans, buckets, lamps and files which required special skills. They often worked on building-sites during the day, while producing household articles in the evenings.

Tinsmiths were apprenticed for four years. Up in the roof of the workshop we can see what was known as “heaven”, sleeping quarters for the apprentices that were built like a cupboard with hinged doors. This one comes from a workshop on Österlånggatan in Stockholm

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