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Comb-maker’s Workshop

The Comb-maker’s workshop (Kammakarverkstaden) contains the tools and fittings of Sweden’s last master comb-maker who died in 1942.

He had then been the country’s only comb-maker for more than fifty years. During the last years of his life he worked inthe shop here and produced all the samples and other articles one can see here today. 

Comb-makers manufactured such things as cutlery, fans, combs, mustard and snuff spoons and paper knives. The commonest raw material was cow horn but comb-makers also used more expensive materials like ivory and tortoise-shell for decorative objects. The tip of the cow horn was sawn off and the horn was then cut open, heated and flattened in a press. The contours of the article could then be drawn on the horn prior to being cut out. The tips of the horns were used for making knobs for umbrellas and other such items.

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