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Autumn market at Skansen

The Autumn market is held at Skansen the last weekend in September every year. Experience an autumn festival like in the 18th century. At the market you can meet interesting characters in period costume, take part in old fashioned games, music and dancing. Or take a stroll along the market stalls that are full of food, candy and crafts.

Skåne Farmstead

On a cold March day in 1912 a cart horse pulled a sled, loaded with furniture and personal belongings, over the plain towards the parish of Hög northwest of Lund. The Åkesson family was on its way to a new home.

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Traditionally, Michaelmas fairs would be held all over Sweden. People traded craft wares‚ household essentials and farm animals. Skansen’s autumn fair is an annual fixture where you will meet tavern waitresses‚ stable lads‚ farmers and smallholders bringing this year’s produce to market. The fair is organized by Skansen’s Village Institute and provides a taste of life at a country fair in the old days. The items on sale include textiles‚ woodcrafts‚ household utensils‚ toys‚ vegetables‚ candy‚ cheese‚ bread and buns‚ jams and cordials.

You can enjoy traditional music performed on the harmonica‚ watch the dancing at the crossroads or learn about old time pastimes‚ including vigorous activities such as tug of war and wrestling. Try keeping your balance on the “greasy pole” and get rid of those aggressions by smashing some china.

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