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Engraver’s Workshop

The Engraver’s workshop (Gravörverkstaden) is situated opposite the workman’s home and is fitted out like similar premises at the end of the 19th century. The tools and equipment come from various engravers in Stockholm.

The low-ceilinged room contains three work-benches with their characteristic arch-shaped cut-outs like those used by gold and silver smiths. The obligatory glass bowl filled with water is in place to concentrate the light, like a magnifying glass, on the work. 

There were various different sorts of engravers. One, for example, specialized in engraving letters and decorations on a shiny metal surface. Copper and steel engravers reproduced motifs in mirror image so that these could be inked and used for printing. Stamp engravers work in similar fashion. This technique has been of huge value in the world of art which has been familiar with the art of printing pictures since the middle ages. Steel engravers produce reliefs in steel which are used for making medals and coins as well as cutlery, ornaments and jewellery. Steel engravers use chisels, punches and hammers as well as a burin. The burin is the most important tool for all engravers. Burins come in many shapes and sizes and an engraver may need a hundred different models.

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