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Drop in-wedding – CANCELLED

Due to Covid-19 the annual Drop in-wedding at Skansen is cancelled this year. next year, 2021, the Drop in wedding will be held on June 12.


The Tingsvallen is a grassy meadow that goes from the Bollnäs square to the Delsbo farmstead. Here the raising of the maypole takes place every summer.

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Drop in wedding 2020 is cancelled

We regret to inform you that we are forced to cancel the Drop in wedding at Skansen 2020 due to Covid-19. All you lovely couples are welcome next year 2021 on June 12 to celebrate your love here at Skansen!

A wedding with minimal planning

Each June, the most romantic day of the year takes place at Skansen. Skansen’s drop-in weddings have everything you need to make your day particularly memorable, with a variety of restaurants to choose from, help with your hair, nails and make-up, spectacular photo opportunities and atmospheric live music. Come dressed to impress or however you feel comfortable, either just the two of you or with all your friends and families in tow. This day is all about you and your love for each other!

Price: SEK 1,500 per couple

Time: The wedding entrance is open from 10:00 to 15:00, with ceremonies continuing until everyone is married.

All wedding couples enter Skansen via the designated wedding entrance at the main entrance. The wedding entrance closes at 15:00 sharp, so be sure to arrive in time! Everyone who arrives by 15:00 is guaranteed to get married.

How drop-in weddings work

Pre-wedding checklist

In order to get married at a drop-in wedding at Skansen, you will need to bring:

  • Valid ID
  • Valid Certificate of No Impediment (2 sheets)
  • Partnership certificate for registered partnership
  • For church wedding ceremonies, you will need proof of membership confirming that you are a member of the Church of Sweden. For proof of membership, search for your home parish here: NB: Skansen is not part of a parish.

How it works

  • At the wedding entrance, you should show your ID and Certificate of No Impediment (2 sheets), together with proof of membership from your home parish if you are having a church wedding ceremony.
  • All couples will receive a ticket with a unique number.
  • Once you have been given a number ticket, you should head to the wedding area at Tingsvallen next to Bollnäs Square. The easiest way to get there is via the escalator. Our queue hosts will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.
  • Remember that there’s no need to rush – everyone will get married!

Wedding guests

Wedding guests enter via Skansen’s other entrances and pay the regular entry charge, unless they have already bought an advance ticket.


Civil wedding ceremonies can be carried out in Swedish, English, Finnish, German, Persian and French.

Church wedding ceremonies can be carried out in Swedish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

Any other questions? Please read our FAQs on drop-in weddings.

The wedding area

The actual wedding area is outdoors at Tingsvallen, where there will be both civil and church registrars together with witnesses. There are 14 wedding locations in total. When your number is called, you should take your place in the waiting marquee where our queue hosts will look after you. Guests should go to the special guest entrance alongside the waiting marquee. When it’s your turn, follow a host to your wedding location. The entire ceremony takes around ten minutes.

It may be that you have to wait a while before your turn. The waiting time can be anything from around 30 minutes up to a couple of hours at times. While you wait, you can take advantage of the various activities included in the wedding cost (see Included in the wedding cost).

If there are 20 people or more in your group, contact the information centre at Tingsvallen for help finding the right wedding location.

Included in the wedding cost

There are many different activities around Tingsvallen and on Bollnäs Square that you can take advantage of while waiting for your turn or after your wedding. These activities are included in the wedding cost:

  • In the changing tent on Bollnäs Square, you can get help changing into your wedding dress or other clothing. You can also get help with simple sewing such as sewing on a button or stitching a seam.
  • Making a birch leaf wreath or a maple leaf crown. Our skilled wreathmakers will help you.
  • Make-up artists and nail stylists will be on hand to help with simple make-up, hair styling and nails.
  • In the music tent, you can choose music from a wedding repertoire that will be performed by a singer and a pianist. You can download a list of songs with links to YouTube here. You can also listen to the entire list on Spotify.
  • Games, songs and music for children.

Food and drink

At Skansen, we have a number of restaurants serving delicious food, several of which will have special drop-in wedding offers. More information will be available soon.

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