Christmas for children

Christmas is very much a holiday for the very young. At Skansen many events during the period is for the children.

At the Forestry centre - Skogens hus - there´s a Christmas workshop for the children in one part of the house. Here you can make your own decorations from paper and straw, and also make your own little candle. In the other end you can also meet skilled artisans who make candles and decorations in straw and buy their goods.

The dancing around the Christmas tree

Almost everybody at the Christmas market will eventually do a bit of dancing around the Christmas tree. The band performs old and new Christmas classics like The fox is traipsing over the ice /Räven raskar över isen), Hello you gnomes (Hej tomtegubbar) and The confectioner (Sockerbagaren) and so on. Skilled dancers lead the way and tell you how to do it so just join in.

Christmas fairytales 

 In the Back Mats cabin you can sit down by the fire in Back Mats cabin and listen to stories about gnomes and other Christmas creatures. Suitable for both children and adults.

The fish pond A popular game is the so called fish pond. Here you use a fishing rod to try and catch a really nice Christmas gift.