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Chaharshanbe suri at Skansen

This year's chaharshanbe suri at Skansen goes digital! Together we celebrate spring, the sun and the return of light on March 16. Live from the Solliden stage.

Chaharshanbe suri at Skansen 2020

Celebrate the Persian New Year with a 4,000-year-old tradition - the Fire Festival. With blazing fires, nature's changes are celebrated as winter becomes spring and the sun and light awakens. A number of world-class artists will perform on Skansen's big stage, where a grand party with fantastic music and phenomenal performances is promised.

Due to the pandemic, there is no audience on site. Instead the celebration will be broadcast live, completely free of charge, on Youtube via MBC Persia, which makes the magnificent show available to everyone all over the world. In previous years, tens of thousands have gathered to celebrate in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. This year, everyone is welcome to participate in this folk festival for diversity and integration online instead!

The broadcast begins on March 16 at 18:40. Read more on Riksteaterns website.

Chaharshanbe suri in Stockholm

Chaharsahanbe suri is a popular non-religious festivity that has been celebrated among many different cultures for nearly 4 000 years. The holiday is always celebrated on the Tuesday before the Iranian New Year, Nouroz, which in turn coincides with the spring day equation. Just as in the Swedish traditional Walpurgis celebration, nature's change is greeted with flaming fires as winter turns in to spring and the sun and light return.

The chaharsahanbe suri celebrations in Stockholm has become an annual folk festival. Everyone, regardless of nationality, age, religion and ethnicity are equally welcome to participate in the party. It is a celebration of diversity and integration.