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Celebrate Easter at Skansen

Skansen is the best place to celebrate Easter. Here you can learn more about Easter traditions, visit the Easter market and make decorations from feathers and eggshells.


These activities you can take part of at lots of places at Skansen, not just one. Please read the programme to see everything it has to offer.

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Sat 13/4 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sun 14/4 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Mon 15/4 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tue 16/4 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wed 17/4 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Easter week is celebrated at Skansen in different ways. On Maundy Thursday children all over Sweden dress up as witches to deliver Easter letters and receive candy. On Skansen they can make their own brooms and pretend they're taking off for Blåkulla. In some of the houses the Easter feast is prepared and traditions explained and on the Bollnäs square there is an Easter market selling birch twigs with the traditional feather decorations, sweets and food.

Easter market 
Visit the Easter market where you can buy handicrafts, Easter specialities, Easter candy  eggs and more. 

Easter Concert 
in the Seglora church.

Folk music 
is performed in the Älvros Farmstead.

Easter traditions

Maundy Thursday

The teachers family spend the Maundy Thursday in a typical fashion of 1910´s in the  Väla school.

Good Friday
In the 1870´s Good Friday was a day of silence and mourning. Learn more about that in the Oktorp Farmstead.

Easter Eve
In the Skånegården you can experience an Easter feast from the 1920’s and try traditional Easter games in the yard.

Easter Day
The Ironmonger’s family is preparing for an Easter Day dinner typical for the 1930’s.

Fun for kids

Easter decorations 
Create your own Easter letter and trimmings for the Easter twigs (30 SEK) at the Forestry Center.

Face painting 
Become an Easter Witch, Easter Bunny or Chicken at the Forestry Center.

Make the broom for Maundy Thursday
On Maundy Thursday all children dressed up as witches and magicians have free entrance. Outside the Forestry Center they can make a broom that will enable them to take off for Blåkulla. 

Stories and tales (in Swedish) 
Listen to stories and tales in the Back Mats Cottage 

The Children's zoo
Meet a animal up close in the Children´s zoo. Each day a new little friend is introduced under the supervision of the zoo keeper.  

Pony riding
Children can go for a ride on the Skansen horses. Starts at the Bredablick tower. One tour 50 SEK.

Horse and carriage 
If the weather is nice the carriage takes you around Skansen, starting at the Bollnäs square. One tour 50 SEK. 

Try the noble, and difficult, art of glass blowing in the Stockholms Glasbruk, and blow a Easter glass decoration. One session 650 SEK.

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