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At a tannery, hides are turned into leather. Farmers used to leave fresh hides with the tanner after the animals were slaughtered in the autumn and a year later they could fetch the finished leather.

This tannery prepared cattle hides for making boots and shoes. To the right on the ground floor is the room in which the hides were steeped in lime to remove hair and fat.  

To the left is the tannery proper where the hides were tanned. Hides were kept in vats full of water and bark which were stirred twice a day for a couple of months. Oak bark was the best tanning medium but bark from fir trees, willow and birch was also used.

Upstairs is the workshop in which the hides were softened and dyed. Behind the workshop is a room for the journeymen and on the other side of the hallway is a large drying room.

The Tannery (Garveriet) is from Småland and dates from 1804. 


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