Fun for kids

Children are very important people at Skansen, and many of the activities on offer are aimed specifically at them. There are several playgrounds, and the Children’s Zoo is home to all manner of small animals and exciting play areas.

Children can ride ponies, play with old-fashioned toys, see the animals and go on funfair rides. The Galejan Fairground at Skansen Aquarium has swings and carousels, and the Children’s Zoo has a classic car track.

During the summer, children can help out with everyday jobs at Back Mats Cottage and the Skåne Farmstead. During the school year teachers can book in classes for a day to experience early 20th century school life.

On summer Sundays, there are special sing-along sessions for children on the Solliden Stage. Sing-along events were first held at Skansen in the 1930s, and sessions for adults take place every Tuesday throughout the summer. Sessions at which children can sing songs together with a sing-along leader have become a popular feature of the summer programme in recent years.

Many classes visit Skansen during the school year. Teachers can teach lessons on a variety of subjects here, including geography, nature, food, traditions and animals. The Children’s Zoo has a well-equipped classroom with interactive teaching aids.

During the autumn and spring school holidays, exciting children’s activities are organised with a focus on traditions and outdoor life. For example, during the autumn children can learn to fish with a fishing rod.

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