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Skansen museum shop
The main museum shop of Skansen, with a wide range of products, is located just before the main entrance.  Here you can buy traditional handicraft, modern design, souvenirs of Skansen, beautifully crafted canvas, glass and ceramics, gifts, books, CDs, postcards and guides in many different languages. You can also find partially the same items at the shop  „Logen“ located at the Bollnäs square.  

Potter's Workshop
Here you can by handmade vases, plates, bowls, cups and other pottery vessels. Open in the summer.

Stockholm Glass workshop
Not only handmade glass objects of everyday use is sold in the shop, but also artistic objects and
ornaments, of their own design. A specialty of glassware at the workshop is the crackled glass that has been produced since 1933. The glass workshop is open most of the year.

The small bakery in the urban quarter is famous for its cinnamon buns.  At the bakery you can see the bakers at work and choose from many types of pastries and breads.

In addition to these stores, there are also market stalls on the square in Bollnäs open during the high season and days of Christmas market. In the urban quarter there is also the hardware of Skansen and a shop of the '30s.