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Do you want to eat a fast lunch or enjoy a three course dinner? No problem - there is a restaurant that fits at Skansen.

Skansen Terrassen
Skansen Terrassen is a self-service for the whole family. Here, you can easily drop in for lunch or a cup of coffee with cake or a pastry. The restaurant is open the whole year and in summer there is an outdoor seating area.
Restauration Gubbhyllan
Gubbhyllan lies at the foot of the Skansen escalator. It was built in 1816 and served principally as a summer residence until 1852 when it was acquired by a pastry cook called Wilhelm Davidson. He opened a Swiss café selling cakes and apertifs. Now Gubbhyllan is home to the Restauration Gubbhyllan, with excellent food and coffee, healthy drinks and delicious cakes.
The Solliden restaurants
Sollliden is Skansen´s main restaurant with a glorious view of Stockholm. It was built in 1950 - 52. The Solliden restaurants also include the tavern Tre Byttor and Skansen Terrassen.
Welcome to try out a traditional Swedish Smorgasbord>>

Stora Gungan - The Big Swing Taverne
Stora Gungan - the Big Swing Tavern - was originally the manor house on a farm south of Stockholm. It was built in 1801 and moved to Skansen 1973. Today it´s a popular restaurant open most of the year and famous for its Christmas dinners.
The Tre Byttor Taverne
Get right into the 1700s and experience what it was like going to the pub on Bellmans time! The taverne Tre Byttor are in the same building as the restaurant Solliden and is a summer restaurant that serves Swedish cuisine from the à la carte menu. Tre Byttor, with three small rooms, also suitable for smaller conferences or dinner.