Baltic Sea Science Center - a shared responsibility

The Baltic sea is shared by more than 90 million people which brings challenges. Headlines are all about the threats but what is living there under the surface? What creatures can we meet going under water? At the center you will get a glimpse of the species and the ecological system in the Baltic Sea as well information about the challenges and how we can join together and change the future of the sea.

The Baltic Sea Centre comprises exhibitions, aquaria, as well as a cinematek and a fully equipped classrooms and a laboratory for secondary school students. Visitors come face to face with an amazing and unique marine environment, but they will also be confronted by the Baltic Sea’s current problem areas.

The purpose of the knowledge center is to describe both how humans adversely affect the Baltic Sea and what can be done to change the negative development. The center have three focus areas: eutrophication, environmental hazards and fishing, where interactivity and learning will be a common thread throughout.

The Baltic Sea Science Center's primarily audience is high school- and secondary school students, but it will be exciting for all Skansen visitors as well.

Of the tree major aquariums one show what reed dominated bays look like, with pike, perch and other coastal fish, one aquarium show fish shoals like herring and the third predatory fish cod and salmon. The predatory fish aquarium have a glass tunnel which will enable visitors to view and explore the marine environment from within. In total, the aquariums contain about 40 different fish species and 15 invertebrates. The building have a gross area of 2,000 square meters.

In early 2015, BalticSea2020 entered into a collaborative venture with Skansen with a goal of building a unique knowledge centre about the Baltic Sea. Its aim is to increase public awareness of the Baltic Sea as well as offer a place for school students where they can learn more about the inland sea, and see what conditions are in existence for its having cleaner water.

In November 2016 BalticSea2020’s founder and chairman Björn Carlson was on the spot to turn the first spade and begin the construction of this world-class knowledge centre. BalticSea2020 is the main founder for the Baltic Sea Science Center.

Baltic Sea Science Center at Skansen will open in 2019.

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